This day I come to you for a community member in dire need.  Every need I send out is important, but I say to you today that this particular one is crucial.  Let me explain.


This sweet lady has landed in a bad place.  We've all been there, but she happens to be there now, and she has been for a while.  SHE NEEDS HELP.  Presently, she is looking for a job, which I will talk more about in a minute. The immediate need is to get her teeth taken care of.  She went to the dental college at the suggestion of a lovely person on this distribution list -fantastic idea!  The only problem is she will need the money to get done what will take her out of any pain and also give her a little confidence boost she so desperately needs.


Though the Dental College is much-less expensive than her going to a dentist with no insurance, the amount of work needed is still going to cost her money she does not have.


So I am asking much of you on this one; here are the needs:


I am raising funds for her to get the dental work done.  My goal is $2,000 as immediately as possible (or pro bono dental work for her in lieu of this)


She needs a job.  She is experienced as a florist and a tailor / seamstress, but is also capable of administrative work as well.  If you know of something, having it be on the Northwest side of Houston would be ideal (though she will consider any other locations as well!).


She is also in need of clothing - professional is preferred, but whatever you have to offer is appreciated.  She is a size 0, and her shoe size is 6 1/2.


She is in need of a hair cut and cosmetics.


Please email (just) me and let me know if you can donate ANY OF THE ABOVE.  The sooner, the better.  


I have seen you do it all.  You've gotten cars, jobs, money, bills paid, apartments furnished, and so much more it makes my head spin.  I am asking you now to give once again.  I am anxious to see how God will work through you all on this.


"Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed." ~Proverbs 19:17


Some people are called away on "missions".  Some people go to a country without clean water and dig wells.  Some people go to a country where they can help children learn to read.  Some people go to a country where it is considered closed, and yet they teach the Good News and The Word, even though it puts them in danger.

Though I admire those callings, I believe my mission field is right here.  I believe that the very people within our community - within our own churches, neighborhoods, and networks - tend to be forgotten.  Or people JUST DON'T KNOW those people are in need of help.  

Help can be many things: paying a bill that can't be afforded, painting a house for a home in need, leaving meals or groceries at front doors of mouths that can't be fed, driving a family to-and-fro that may not have a car. There are many ways I am called on in my mission field - it is truly limitless.


The 2:45 Corridor is a network of people working together to be a blessing to our community...especially those in need.  We provide meals for families in life-change and we do our best to respond to other physical needs as they arise.

We have seen he 2:45 Corridor provide cars, air-conditioners, veterinary services, beds, clothes, financial assistance and much more.

If you know of someone in need of a blessing, e-mail me at:

Also, if you would like to be a part of being a blessing to the community, sign-up for our e-mails below.