There is a single mother in our Community that is in such dire need I don't know where to begin.  She has two daughters, ages 3 and 5.  The 3-year-old has T Cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia and receives lumbar punctures and chemo on a regular basis.  I ask that you please read through this and see if there is a way to help her and her daughters, or pass me on to someone that you know of that CAN help.  When reading it, please consider that, at minimum, each of us is one step away from being in the same position.  But more than anything, please consider that there is NOTHING worse than a sick child.  

Immediate Needs:

  • A vehicle to get her back and forth to chemo.  She takes presently takes Ubers.
  • A job.  She is completely on her own and this young woman is WILLING TO WORK!  She only needs an opportunity.  It can be anything from admin to organizing / cleaning.  I have her resume if you think you can help, simply message me back.
  • A place to live that is extremely affordable, as she obviously has no job.  This can be anything from an apartment to a garage apartment to a room to board in.
  • Dental work.  She needs to complete work that was started some time ago.
  • Ophthalmology / Optometry.  She and her 5-year-old need to get their eyes checked and new glasses.
  • Clothing.  The mom is in need the most in this area.  She wears a size small-to-medium for shirts, and around a size 5 in pants, and and a 9 1/2 in shoes.
  • Money.  Gift cards or donations are all accepted here.  She can use it to purchase any of the above, or for groceries or just to be able to take her girls to do fun things a mom likes to do with her kids.  Any and all gift cards accepted; just message me and I will let you know how we can get them to her.  Donations also accepted.  She has set up VenMo at my request and if you would like to donate, message me for details.
  • Prayer.  Not mush more needs to be said on that bullet point.

Please, please, PLEASE.  If you can help in any way, shape, form, or fashion, I beg of you to consider doing so here.  Even if there is a small sacrifice that needs to be made in order to do so, I ask that you pray on that and truly consider what that may look like.

Though I am saddened by this story, I am also excited to see how God will work through you on this.  We may not be able to save the entire world, but we can certainly love on people in order to make a difference a little at a time!


"For God so loved the world, He gave His only Son..." ~John 3:16


Some people are called away on "missions".  Some people go to a country without clean water and dig wells.  Some people go to a country where they can help children learn to read.  Some people go to a country where it is considered closed, and yet they teach the Good News and The Word, even though it puts them in danger.

Though I admire those callings, I believe my mission field is right here.  I believe that the very people within our community - within our own churches, neighborhoods, and networks - tend to be forgotten.  Or people JUST DON'T KNOW those people are in need of help.  

Help can be many things: paying a bill that can't be afforded, painting a house for a home in need, leaving meals or groceries at front doors of mouths that can't be fed, driving a family to-and-fro that may not have a car. There are many ways I am called on in my mission field - it is truly limitless.


The 2:45 Corridor is a network of people working together to be a blessing to our community...especially those in need.  We provide meals for families in life-change and we do our best to respond to other physical needs as they arise.

We have seen he 2:45 Corridor provide cars, air-conditioners, veterinary services, beds, clothes, financial assistance and much more.

If you know of someone in need of a blessing, e-mail me at:

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