Ladies and Gentlemen, 

I know I come to you with needs for people in the community, and every single time - you come through.  Well, I am coming to you once again with a need......this time for a single mom of three who has escaped a life-threatening situation with nothing but the clothes on her back and those babies.

Presently, she is staying in a hotel provided by a Women's Shelter and commuting to work and daycare a mighty hefty way.  She is EXTREMELY proactive in getting help for her and the kids, but has immediate necessities with a great sense of urgency.  I will cut right to it - here are the needs:

Assistance with paying childcare for the time being until she is settled in her own place

Assistance with finding a place to live and paying rent (she has applied at two apartments and waiting to hear back, but is running out of time in the place the Shelter provided, which isn't the safest place ever)

Size 4 diapers and Similac pro sensitive formula for the baby

Size 2t pull ups for her 2 yr old son

Size 9-10 toddler girl shoes

Size 6-9 And 9-12 month baby girl clothes

This doesn't seem like a lot in the grand scheme of things.  CAN YOU HELP??

Waiting and watching God work through you, Loves.

"From oppression and violence he redeems their life, and precious is their blood in his sight." ~Psalm 72:14


Some people are called away on "missions".  Some people go to a country without clean water and dig wells.  Some people go to a country where they can help children learn to read.  Some people go to a country where it is considered closed, and yet they teach the Good News and The Word, even though it puts them in danger.

Though I admire those callings, I believe my mission field is right here.  I believe that the very people within our community - within our own churches, neighborhoods, and networks - tend to be forgotten.  Or people JUST DON'T KNOW those people are in need of help.  

Help can be many things: paying a bill that can't be afforded, painting a house for a home in need, leaving meals or groceries at front doors of mouths that can't be fed, driving a family to-and-fro that may not have a car. There are many ways I am called on in my mission field - it is truly limitless.


The 2:45 Corridor is a network of people working together to be a blessing to our community...especially those in need.  We provide meals for families in life-change and we do our best to respond to other physical needs as they arise.

We have seen he 2:45 Corridor provide cars, air-conditioners, veterinary services, beds, clothes, financial assistance and much more.

If you know of someone in need of a blessing, e-mail me at:

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