In addition to She’s-Tox helping me lose over 20lbs in 4 weeks, it has taught me that my food choices have implications on my mind and spirit as well. She’s-Tox is about getting healthy, and it works!
— JB

Welcome to SHEsTox, The Inside-Out Detox & Cleanse! This is the place where you can jump-start your journey to health and wellness from the inside-out.

This Inside-Out Detox & Cleanse is just that: a detox that will teach you how to eat the way God intended and still learn how to reward yourself when real-life situations (like donuts!) happen. The bonus by-product of this is natural weight loss!! All of this with no pills, no powders, no shakes, no fads, and nothing to sell!

Week One of the four-week-long SHEsTox consists of detoxing from all the things we ingest and put into our bodies that we need to be rid of. Week one is a jump-start for our system.

During Week Two, your body will continue to cleanse while incorporating certain foods back into your meals.  You will also start to train your body to burn fat for fuel. This is the week you will also start to train your brain to eat properly without even knowing it! This week is considered the "reset button", should you ever see the scale start to creep up if you over-indulge (after SHEsTox, of course!) or if you ever feel the need to return to a health-and-wellness state of mind and body!

Week Three, you will incorporate even more foods back into your meals, while still training your body's weight "thermostat" to be where it belongs. Your body, as a whole, will continue to cleanse, you will continue to burn fat for fuel, and will now learn to burn protein for fuel as well - and your brain will learn to focus on eating well when the Detox & Cleanse is over!

Week Four is your transition week!! You will continue to incorporate your 'real-life' into your eating habits while keeping your body fit-as-a-fiddle from the inside-out!

Are you ready for a change?  Are you ready to make changes your life in the best way possible on the forever scale?  Contact She for more on the back-story (click here for the quick version), details of how the Detox & Cleanse works, or to get signed up and start to She-Tox your body:  DO IT NOW! Dramatic results are only 4 weeks away!