I've been through the wringer...and I'm still there. My life is charmed and beautiful, no matter what it brings me. God's grace and mercy is new to me every single day. I am POSITIVE I will have the first restraining order Heaven has ever had because I will be following Jesus around asking to look at Him, run with Him, eat with Him, dance with Him...and I will never want to stop.

When I die, it's okay if people only vaguely knew me, so long as they know I loved Christ more than anything else in the world. I hope the legacy I've managed to build will have them say,

"Sheila passed away."


"Sheila. Sheila Garcia."

"I don't know her."

"You know - the woman who loved Jesus soooo much. The Jesus-freak."

"Ohhhhhhh...THAT was her name?"

I am thankful to have the most beautiful man in the world as my husband and I am grateful to have magnificent children, if I do say so myself!

For the purpose of Life As She Does It, here are the main character's names:

Adrian: The Hubster / Best Friend / HOTTIE / Person Extraordinaire

Chelsea: Daughter / Resident Maverick / Beauty / Amazing Human Being

Sam: Son (in-law) / Resident Nerd / Adorable / Proof of the Power of a Praying Parent

Cameron: Son / Resident Muscle-Head and Tattoo Addict / Handsome / A Blessing to Me and Many

Kiren: Daughter (in-law) / Resident Quirky One / Fox / More Proof of the Power of a Praying Parent

Jordan: Son / Resident Quiet One / Hunk / Fascinating Fella

She (That's Me): Created in His image, wife, mother, writer, cook, singer, speaker, lover, jack-of-all-trades, hard worker, juggler...

Now, PLEASE do not misunderstand me - with all the nice things I just said about them, they can CHAP MY HIDE!!  So let's keep it really really real and know that as we progress in this venture together, I WILL BE HONEST WITH YOU about the ups AND the downs, and how to stay up DURING the downs...just so you know!