This old thing?  Well, I make the most of it.  It's nothing fancy, really.  Sometimes I can make it look fancy if I want, but most of the time that's smoke and mirrors. I often have to put a coat of paint on it, or accessorize in such a way that can give the faculty of imagination to the onlooker.  Even though it isn't elaborate in decoration, the structure is intricate.  It may even look superficial,  but the character that lies beneath it is thorough and sturdy.  

I got it a long time ago, so I'm guessing it is an antique; however, I prefer the term 'vintage' since it makes it sound a little cooler than what it is.  I hear it is desirable because of its age, beauty, and rarity.  Though tough in utility, it's not in mint condition and is actually very delicate, so I definitely try to take good care of it.

I have a very personal emotional connection to it.  I value it's unique features, but sometimes try to cover them up for personal reasons.  There is also a connection to the Spirit world, which helps bring a strange sense of joy to it and can take emotions to the next level. 

The era in human history that it represents makes it extremely nostalgic, so many people are drawn to it.  That doesn't mean everyone likes it or is even interested in learning more about it, and that's okay because it's not for everyone.  

It's a humble thing, to be honest.  In fact, it doesn't meet the standards of most people.  I've often looked at it and felt the same way, but I'm stuck with it now, so I do what I can to make the best of it.  I suppose I could give it an overhaul, but that would be expensive.  I do recognize that it holds uncommon traits, though, so I try to make those as visible as possible - that's a different investment entirely.  That's the kind of price I'm willing to pay so that others can experience the rare qualities measured against others of it's kind.

It's gaudy and ornate, but plain and simple at the same time. That makes it custom-designed, of which I am proud.  I do share it with my family, whether I shine it up or leave it dull.  They don't seem to care either way; in fact, they seem to love it on the days it's lackluster, or the days it seems to shine.  

It's something that can't be sold or even given away.  I really wanted to tell you about it because it's very important to me, and I have such a powerful connection to it.  I've really learned to cherish it and the journey it's taken to get it to where it is.

It's all my stuff.  

It's......WHO I AM - it's me, She!  

Being me is something no other person can be.  I'm not perfect, but I'm always myself and it's all my stuff that makes it so.

What's YOUR stuff?  What makes you uniquely YOU?  Though you cannot be all stuff to all people, you CAN choose to appreciate who you are and the journey it's taken to get you here, and who you want to become and the journey it will take to do so. Give to others what you want for yourself, and know that though you can't control everything, you CAN control WHO YOU ARE.  And you know - YOUR STUFF.