A Yolk with No Punchline

My friend came over this morning to have a lovely cup of organic coffee and a veggie frittata I made for us to share.  I hardly ever get to see her or talk to her.  (There's a ton of you out there that share a similar relationship with me, and for that I apologize.  You know who you are)  But when I do see her it's like we were never apart, and that's a good friend.
We hugged, prayed, had some small talk, laughed, and then shared some interesting conversation.   She shared about how her  pregnancy is coming along (she is radiant)  and also how her husband is doing.  He suffers from sleep paralysis and a benign tumor on his pituitary gland and has been working very hard to get his health in a good place. 
Recently, I had a dear friend lose her husband in the military.  They have a small child.  She is one of the strongest people I've ever known - and so graceful in her mourning, but of course, struggles as a now-single mother to get their life in a good place.
Here I sit, sometimes feeling so sorry for myself with all the attack we've been under, and yet I hear these things and I am reminded that someone else is always going to carry a greater or heavier burden and I should be grateful for what I do have - because our health or even our life could be taken from us at any time.
We are so strong and so delicate at the very same time.  For Cameron to have the accident he had and still be alive shows the strength in us; and the friends I've mentioned who suffer in very different ways show how fragile we are as well.
It's like the eggs I used to make the frittata this morning.  They break so easily, like us.  But as I cooked them, they got stronger - harder to break.  I think when we suffer, it's God's way of 'cooking' us and making us stronger.
How eggsellent!! (Couldn't help myself)
PS: Quick & Easy Frittata for Two
6 sliced mushrooms
1/2 yellow bell pepper, rough chopped
1/2 seeded and finely chopped jalapeno
About 1/2 cup parsley, rough chopped
4 eggs
1 slice cheddar cheese
Pour about 1 tbs (you can just eyeball this measurement) extra virgin olive oil into a small pan.  (I use my cast-iron skillet because it's non-stick and oven friendly and also makes for a really cute presentation, but you can use any small frying pan and just put foil over the handle when the time comes to put it in the oven)  heat the oil over medium heat and then put all the veggies into the pan.  cook them for about 5 minutes or until just soft.  While the veggies are cooking through, take the four eggs and whisk them in a small bowl.  Add about a tbs of water and put aside.  (Slightly) salt and pepper the veggies and stir (wait until this part to salt so the moisture doesn't come out of the mushrooms), then add the eggs.  Lower the heat to medium-low and let the eggs and veggies cook together for about 2 minutes.  Meanwhile, turn the oven on to 350 degrees.  Break up your slice of cheddar and carefully place the pieces on top of the egg mixture and do not stir.  Pop your frying pan in the oven for about 5-10 minutes, checking it to make sure it doesn't over-cook.  Take it out and let it sit for about a minute or two.
I sprinkled a little fresh thyme over it, sliced an apple and put a few pieces on each plate, and served the frittata by cutting it in half at the table.
It was nummy and that's no yolk.  HAAA!