Races, Hammers, & Snowballs

When you're running a race and you get to that place - you know that place, the one where you get a sharp pain in your neck and your side as though someone is shankin' ya - and you wonder should you stop, slow down, or just plow through it?  But at the very same moment it goes away, and you decide to push harder - all because you felt that breakthrough.

You have a hammer and you're pounding a nail into the wall, determined to hang that picture, and you hit a beam - or stud, if you will - and it feels like you can't go any further or the nail will just bend or break.  You wonder, "Should I just keep hitting the nail harder or try to take the nail out and hang this somewhere else?"  Just as you're wondering this, the hammer hits the nail in a little further so you decide to hit harder - because you felt that breakthrough.

You probably think this is going to be all cheese and lollipops about persevering and to keep going until you hit that breakthrough.  Well Folks, it isn't.  (Well, it KIND of is)  I am comparing it to constant trials in our lives. Being whacked over and over with the devil's proverbial snowballs.  He keeps pounding and pounding while you try to stand firm until he finds himself wondering if he should slow down or even stop.  Just as he is wondering if you're too strong for him, he feels a little crack in your igloo armor (staying with the snowball analogy here) and decides to plow through and hit harder.  I know this for a fact.  Today felt a little like I was abdicating my igloo. But now that I've come to the realization that the enemy looks for that breakthrough moment I've decided I won't give him his shining moment - not today, anyway.