Mini-Session Photo Shoot - Cody Pinzon Photography (local)


All rights reserved through Cody Pinzon Photography © Make up and hair on model is by: Beauty by Chelsea

All rights reserved through Cody Pinzon Photography© Make up and hair on model is by: Beauty by Chelsea

Well, hello there, All You Lovelies.  I really love that you have come to my little part of the world because that means you now have an opportunity to earn a give-away!  One of my most favorite things ever - like, EVER - is giving people stuff.  I would give you the universe, if I could, Pets.

This month, I am partnering up with a pretty cool chick, who happens to also be mad-skilled in the art of photography!  (that picture just-so-happens to be the bridal shoot she did for my future Daughter-In-Law, Kiren) Her name is Cody Pinzon, and I adore her.  For Life As She Does It fans (or those of you that just-so-happened to land here today!),  she is offering a FREE (did I mention that part yet?) mini-session, valued at $175 for 20 minutes of shooting.  You get five (5) edited photos with printing rights!  Check her out here:

Cody Pinzon Photography

"How can I win this awesome give-away, She??" (you ask me, excitedly)  Well, I will tell you!  There are two parts to this opportunity:

1. Share a blog post (any blog post!) from Life As She Does It.  It can be one of the pages, one of the posts from the As She Does It blog, or the She Sure Can Cook blog, or About She page; whatever you choose.  But you must share it on your social media of your choice - and BE SURE to include the hashtag: #LifeAsSheDoesIt.

2. Email me at the email address below, and tell me what you like best about Life As She Does It.


Once you complete those two action items, your name will go into the drawing hat (There really is a hat.  If you know me, you know I have PUH-LENTY to choose from).  If your name is drawn, YOU WIN!!

Now unfortunately, this particular give-away is for my local-yocals, as Cody is a photographer for the Houston / Katy area.  But the rest of you nation-and-world-widers hang tight - I have something VERRRY special for you next month!

I will announce the winner of this give-away Monday morning - this gives everyone through the weekend to complete the task at hand.

Good luck to you all, and may The Force (of lighting in your photo shoot) be with you!