Peek into the book world.

I'm a really good writer.  I've been told that I should write a book.  I've been told this not BECAUSE I'm a good writer, though.  Well, maybe that's part of it.  I mean, I've waxed philosophic and communicated updates on a sick child; I've given recipes or sent thank you notes in very unique ways...and they've all gotten rave reviews.  But that's not the main reason I've been told I should write a book.  (If you know me and any part of my life you know where I'm going with this)  I've been told I should write a book because my life, up to this point, has been a movie of the week - a cable network drama of sorts...the good, the bad, and the beautiful.
Well, that is Life as She Does It.  I am going to pass with care from my hands to your eyes - and hopefully your hearts - the things I've learned, the things I'm still learning, and the things I'm looking forward to learning.  The legacy I'm building is very important to me, and I'm watching it unfold before my very eyes.
I am very passionate about relaying these things to you in the way of stories, jokes, prayers, recipes, DIYs.  I want to share joy, heartaches, fears, and anger.  I want you to wonder what is coming next.  I would like to share tragedies you can relate to, good times you can smile about.  I want you to know how to take five bucks and make a beautiful dinner for six people; how to believe a healthy, beautiful marriage is not out-of-reach; how to make your home smell great for exactly three cents;  how to have a loved one that is sick long-term and still openly trust and embrace the situation; how to shop at thrift stores proudly; how to not let unhappy and bitter people sabotage your journey; how to own it when you're wrong (still working on that one);  how to persevere despite the darkest clouds(and that one); how to be crusty on the outside and gooey in the middle.
I want you to not be able to put this book down.
...and so turn the pages with me, because here we go...